The Ancient Oceans
past event — exhibition
date and location
Nov 11th, 2017 — May 1st, 2018

Sage Culture, LLC
905 E 2nd Street, Unit 117
Arts District, Los Angeles, CA
past event — exhibition
“When the soul has been wounded, and the sun is keen to surface in the dark, there is one place that I go to, that place that feels that earth's land with moisture and water, that changes the coast in a dream. That place, that Ancients call Mother of all Mothers, the Ocean” - John Pule

For its opening show, Sage Culture pays tribute to the greatest source of inspiration of all, the origin of everything, powerful and essential—the oceans.

As a concept, Sage Culture was born after a visit to Easter Island, the most remote and isolated island in the world, and where one can instantly feel the power and energy of the “Mother of all Mothers.” There it is also easy to perceive an ancestor energy and its potential to create and transform reality, communicating messages that last for generations.
This experience inspired us deeply, and Sage emerged from the desire to enhance what is for us the most beautiful aspect of life: the creative forces, which have the power to transform the world and by which men also can transform themselves and evolve.

The artists selected for this exhibition communicate through their work a deep connection to nature and the primary sources of life. Their visceral approach to artistic creation manifests what is truly meaningful and inspiring for us.

The ancient oceans are about connecting with the land, our deeper soul, and all the inherited transformative power that we bring from our most primitive ancestors.
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