Domingos Tótora
Maria da Fé — Brazil
the work
the work
Sustainability has been inherent to Brazilian artist Domingos Tótora since the early stages of his practice.

Born and raised in Maria da Fé, a city in the mountainous region of Minas Gerais, Brazil, the artist chose recycled cardboard as the source material for his work. In his studio, cardboard collected with the community’s help is broken up into small pieces and turned into a pulp, which serves as the base for his art pieces.

All artworks are hand-molded, dried in the sun, and finished to perfection. In this careful and labor-intensive process, the cardboard, which originated from wood, essentially is brought back full cycle by taking on a wood quality again.
The beauty of his work not only manifests in the final product but in the process itself. From the artist’s philosophy and respect for the environment to his production process, everything translates Domingos’ sensitivity, awareness, and deep connections to his roots.

Objects and environment make it clear that this isn’t an obsessive search for perfection. Imperfection is a constitutive part of his work.

“I dialogue with the mass of cardboard until the moment that only it speaks. Then I let myself take until I finish the piece. I do not just create; I look for the emotion before even the purpose.”
Domingos Tótora

Born 1960
Based in Maria da Fé — Brazil
selected exhibitions & fairs
Sage Culture Gallery — Los Angeles, CA
2019 — Art Fair — SOFA Expo Chicago
Sage Culture Gallery — Los Angeles, CA
2019 — Art Fair — Art Aspen
Sage Culture Gallery — Los Angeles, CA
2019 — Solo Exhibition — Âmago, The Essence of Time
SP-Arte — São Paulo, Brazil
2018 Art Fair — Solo Both
Art Palm Springs 2018 — Palm Springs, CA
2018 Art Fair — Palm Springs Convention Center
Gardeco — Paris, France
2018 Exhibition — Maison&Objet Paris
Sossego Design — New York, NY
2018 Design Fair — Architectural Digest Design Show
Sossego Design — Washington, DC
2018 Exhibition — Embassy of Brazil
Sage Culture — Los Angeles, CA
2017 Group Exhibition — The Ancient Oceans
James on the Quadrado — Brazil
2017 Exhibition — James Paris
Memo Gallery — Basel, Switzerland
2017 Art Fair — Art Basel
Sotheby’s Auction — London, UK
2017 Auction — Design: Living In A Material World
Art Genève - James Gallery — Switzerland
2016 Design Fair — Art Genève - Heavy
James Gallery — Paris, France
2016 Exhibition — Pad Paris
H. Gallery — Netherlands
2016 Exhibition
Dpot — Brazil
2016 Exhibition
Palazzo Litta — Milan, Italy
2015 Design Fair — Fuori Salone - MADE
Brazil ArtFair — Miami, FL
2013 Art Fair — Miami Art Week
The Design Museum — London, UK
2012 Exhibition — Furniture Designs of the Year
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the work
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