Mitch Iburg
Saint Paul — USA
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the work
Mitch Iburg is an American ceramic artist based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

His studio practice is influenced by the earth’s geological record - specifically, as a manifestation of its ability to remember, rewrite, and inevitably forget the history through which it was formed. The artist translates this concept into his work by using foraged clays, stones, fossils, and glacial debris to re-frame the volcanic eruptions, ancient seas, and ice sheets that have shaped the landscapes around him.
Researching the diversity of Minnesota’s geological past has inspired a way of making that both embraces and challenges conventional ceramic traditions. In an effort to promote various materials along a spectrum of art forms, Mitch’s work frequently shifts between vessel, sculpture, and two-dimensional formats. Each body of work conveys a unique dialect within the larger language of geological history. Collectively, he views each series as a specific resolution to the tension between artistic intent, ceramic tradition, and the intrinsic properties of natural materials.

“Although all materials are sustainably collected with landowners’ permission, I recognize that my practice takes place on territory stolen from Minnesota’s Indigenous peoples. I respectfully acknowledge the Dakota and Anishinaabe peoples as the rightful owners and original stewards of the land on which I work”.
Mitch Iburg

Born 1989
Based in Saint Paul — USA
Selected Exhibitions and Achievements
2022 Diagenesis - Solo Exhibition
Sage Culture, Los Angeles, CA
2021 Climatopia - Group Exhibition
Sage Culture, Los Angeles, CA
2018 Form of Memory - Solo Exhibition
Sage Culture, Los Angeles, CA
2017 The Ancient Oceans - Group Exhibition
Sage Culture, Los Angeles, CA
2017 North Coast Range Series - Solo Exhibition
Iowa Ceramics Center, Cedar Rapids, IA
2016 Our Cups Runneth Over - Exhibition
Society of Arts & Crafts, Boston, MA
2016 Earth Skin - Exhibition
Cavin Morris Gallery, New York, NY
2016 Ren Brown Collection Gallery — Bodega Bay, CA
Exhibition — Wood Fired Ceramics
2015 Cavin Morris Gallery — New York, NY
Exhibition — Enflamed: New Ceramics
2014 Society For Contemporary Craft — Pittsburgh, PA
Exhibition — CRAFTED
2014 Presenters Exhibition: 2nd European Wood Fire Conference Guldagergård-Intl
Ceramic Research Center, Skælskør, Denmark
Fuping, China
2013 Exhibitions (Juried) — ICMEA Symposium: Emerging Ceramic Artist Competition
2013 Exhibitions (Juried) — Artifacts From The Inferno
Baltimore Clay Works, Baltimore, MD
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
2013 Exhibition — 16th Chawan Expo: International Exhibition
Plinth Gallery — Denver, CO
2012 Exhibitions (Juried) — Flash Point: An International Wood Fire Exhibition
Juniata College Museum of Art — Scheung Wan, Hong Kong
2012 Exhibition — Cub Creek 'Tenth Anniversary Exhibition
Lux Center for the Arts — Lincoln, NE
2011 Exhibitions (Juried) — Third Annual National Juried Cup Exhibition
Mud Sweat and Tears Pottery — New York, NY
2010 Exhibitions (Juried) — In the Details: An Exhibition of Recent Work in Clay
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the work
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