Mitch Iburg
Saint Paul — USA
the work
the work
The American ceramist Mitch Iburg begins his creative process by connecting with his surroundings and investigating in depth the resources that will be the base for his creations. According to the artists: "I seek to create work which combines the physiological substance and emotional characteristics
of place to form an expression of its terroir."
Each piece is unique, from the clay to the firing method, and everything about his work arises in response to the single resources found exclusively in each setting.
Mitch Iburg

Born 1989
Based in Saint Paul — USA
curriculum vitae
Mud Sweat and Tears Pottery — New York, NY
2010 Exhibitions (Juried) — In the Details: An Exhibition of Recent Work in Clay
Mount Mercy University — Cedar Rapids, IA
2011 Exhibitions (Juried) — Area College Student Art Exhibit
Lux Center for the Arts — Lincoln, NE
2011 Exhibitions (Juried) — Third Annual National Juried Cup Exhibition
Genesee Pottery — Rochester, NY
2011 Exhibitions (Juried) — College Clay Collective
Coe College — Cedar Rapids, IA
2011 Exhibitions (Juried) — Traces of Process: Senior Thesis Exhibition
City Clay Gallery — Charlottesville, VA
2012 Exhibitions (Juried) — The Cub Creek Foundation: Current Resident Artwork
The Clay Gallery — Ann Arbor, MI
2012 Exhibitions (Juried) — Cups of Fire: National Ceramic Cup Competition
Baltimore Clayworks — Baltimore, MD
2012 Exhibitions (Juried) — Daily Companions: Cups, Mugs, Teabowls
Lux Center for the Arts — Lincoln, NE
2012 Exhibitions (Juried) — Mug Shots: National Juried Cup Show
Thornhill Gallery at Avila University — Kansas City, MO
2012 Exhibitions (Juried) — Tea Bowl National
Canvas George Caleb Gallery: University of Missouri
2012 Exhibitions (Juried) — The Clay Cup: Icon, Vessel
Clemson University — Clemson, SC
2012 Exhibitions (Juried) — Clemson Ceramics National
Plinth Gallery — Denver, CO
2012 Exhibitions (Juried) — Flash Point: An International Wood Fire Exhibition
Juniata College Museum of Art — Scheung Wan, Hong Kong
2012 Exhibition — Cub Creek 'Tenth Anniversary Exhibition
Terra Incognito — Oak Park, IL
2013 Exhibitions (Juried) — Coffee, Tea, or... #2 'Drinking Vessels
Red Lodge Clay Center — Red Lodge, MT
2013 Exhibitions (Juried) — Juried National II
Fuping, China
2013 Exhibitions (Juried) — ICMEA Symposium: Emerging Ceramic Artist Competition
Kansas City Clay Guild — Kansas City, MO
2013 Exhibitions (Juried) — Tea Bowl National
Baltimore Clay Works — Baltimore, MD
2013 Exhibitions (Juried) — Artifacts From The Inferno
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
2013 Exhibition — 16th Chawan Expo: International Exhibition
Saratoga Clay Art Center — Schuylerville, NY
2013 Exhibition — Atmospheric Perspective
Gandee Gallery — Fabius, NY
2013 Exhibition — Tea Bowls: A Contemporary Approach
Society For Contemporary Craft — Pittsburgh, PA
2013 Exhibition — CRAFTED
Clay Studio Of Missoula — Missoula, MT
2014 Exhibitions (Juried) — International Cup Exhibition
Terra Incognito Studios — Oak Park, IL
2014 Exhibitions (Juried) — 'Pour' 2014
University of North Florida Gallery of Art — Jacksonville, FL
2014 Exhibitions (Juried) — UNF National Juried Ceramics Exhibition
Ceramic Research Center — Skælskør, Denmark
2014 — Presenters Exhibition: 2nd European Wood Fire Conference Guldagergård-Intl
Ceramic Research Center — Skælskør, Denmark
2014 — Pre Conference Residency Exhibition: 2nd European Wood Fire Conference Guldagergård-Intl
Society For Contemporary Craft — Pittsburgh, PA
2014 Exhibition — CRAFTED
Middle Tennessee University — Murfreesborough, TN
2015 Exhibition — 18th Chawan Expo, International Exhibition
The Clay Studio of Missoula — Missoula, MT
2015 Exhibition — Wood Fire Invitational
Spun Smoke — Oakland, CA
2015 Exhibition — Darren Cockrell & Mitch Iburg
Cavin Morris Gallery — New York, NY
2015 Exhibition — Enflamed: New Ceramics
Lillstreet Art Center — Chicago, IL
2016 Exhibition — Cub Creek Foundation
Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts — Gatlinburg, TN
2016 Exhibition — Arrowmont Utilitarian Clay
Ren Brown Collection Gallery — Bodega Bay, CA
2016 Exhibition — Wood Fired Ceramics
Academy of Fine Art — Lynchburg, VA
2016 Exhibition — Cub Creek: Current and Past Residents
Pottery Northwest — Seattle, WA
2016 Exhibition — Clayfest Northwest, 50th Anniversay Celebration
Montalvo Art Center — Saratoga, CA
2016 Exhibition — Steinbeisser: Experimental Gastromony
Cavin Morris Gallery — New York, NY
2016 Exhibition — Earth Skin
Society of Arts & Crafts — Boston, MA
2016 Exhibition — Our Cups Runneth Over
Baltimore Clayworks — Baltimore, MD
2017 Exhibition — Top Soil
TEAplusART Gallery — Houston, TX
2017 Exhibition — Neoteric Ignition
Schaller Gallery — Saint Joseph, MI
2017 Exhibition — Artful Ambiance: Contemporary Sake Vessels with Character
Morean Center for Clay — St. Petersburg, FL
2017 Exhibition — Spectra, A Survey of American Wood Fired Ceramics
Iowa Ceramics Center — Cedar Rapids, IA
2017 Exhibition (Solo) — North Coast Range Series
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the work
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