Surfaces & Insides
past event — exhibition
date and location
Jun 9th — Aug 26th, 2018

Sage Culture, LLC
905 E 2nd Street, Apt 117
Los Angeles, CA
past event — exhibition
Sage Culture is pleased to present "Surfaces & Insides," Swedish Ceramic Artist Lisa Hellrup first exhibition in the United States.

Lisa was constantly longing to live closer to nature and the changing of the seasons. After almost two decades in the corporate world, she decided to move to Leksand, a town located in the countryside of Sweden, to pursue her urge to communicate creatively.
Her sculptural work is delicate, sublime but also strong and bold, very much inspired by Hellrup's surroundings and her subsequent response.

In the artist words:
“I observe and absorb what happens around me. I use clay as a means to interpret all the feelings this leaves behind. Darkness next to the pure white. Coarse strokes and barely visible sheer shades. Brittle, thin edges, diffuse folds, surfaces, and insides. What almost does not hold together, but still does. On the verge. What is concealed but has been seen and remembered.”
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Lisa Hellrup
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