Layers of Earth
past event — exhibition
date and location
Jul 29th — Aug 31st, 2023
Opening Reception: Saturday 5pm-8pm

Sage Culture Gallery
725 E Washington Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90021
past event — exhibition
Sage Culture Gallery is thrilled to present the duo exhibition "Layers of Earth: Textured Visions." The show unites the outstanding works of Mitch Iburg and Paula Bosco, both profoundly connected to the natural world and driven by their exploration of the Earth's diverse landscapes.
Through their distinct process approaches, yet with similar artistic intents of portraying nature, Iburg and Bosco uncover the natural world's layers of meaning and beauty.
The concept of visual incidents serves as a gateway to their shared exploration, inviting viewers to witness the transformative power of art as it intertwines with the textured terrains of our planet.

With a determined commitment to their craft, Iburg and Bosco employ their respective mediums to evoke a profound sense of connection and contemplation. Iburg's ceramics sculptures and installations breathe life into the geological forces that have shaped the landscapes around us. Drawing
from foraged clays, stones, fossils, and glacial debris, he meticulously sculpts the textured layers, uncovering ancient and timeless narratives.
Mitch's work is deeply embedded in the Earth's geological record. By using foraged materials from soil samples, clays, stones, fossils, and glacial debris, his creations translate the historical narrative of Earth's formation into tangible forms, capturing monumental geological events. His research has shaped a unique art-making practice that reveres and challenges traditional ceramics. Moreover, Iburg's expertise in manipulating the unpredictable nature of fire in kiln works, combined with his in-depth study of soil, contributes significantly to his distinctive artistic approach. This refined selection of materials, meticulously researched, analyzed, and curated, reflects his comprehensive experience and vision. As a result, Iburg's work spans a wide array of forms, including sculptures and sculptural wall artworks.
In conversation with Iburg's work, Bosco's textile art and paintings serve as a visual symphony that resonates with the Earth's diverse textures. She uncovers the inherent beauty and sensory experiences entrenched within the terrains through meticulous craftsmanship and intuitive exploration of organic materials. Each stroke or thread weaved tells a story, inviting viewers to engage with the tactile and visual richness of the Earth.
With profound sensitivity and a meditative approach, Paula intricately weaves her artistic visions into textile designs. Bosco's work reflects her commitment to environmental consciousness and mindful living. Drawing on her Argentinian roots and family history steeped in embroidery and textile culture, she transforms organic materials into vibrant textile art, using handmade techniques like painting, dyeing, sewing, embroidery, and weaving. At the heart of her practice lies a continuous exploration and application of botanical dyes and organic pigments, resulting in a captivating color palette imbued with serene, potent, peaceful energy. Bosco's art establishes an intimate, honest dialogue with raw materials, with each piece echoing the sublime simplicity of nature. It serves as a sanctuary for introspection and reflection, fostering a deep communion with nature and self, encapsulating beauty, tranquility, and mindfulness themes.
Both artists' processes also involve deep material research and show a concern with sustainable practices. Natural dyes and organic resources are used consciously to achieve harmony and balance. At the same time, it evokes a sense of calmness and brings the history behind the process in every created piece. Iburg and Bosco guide us on a multisensory voyage to ignite the imagination, evoking memories of distant landscapes and unexplored realms. Within these textured terrains, their works find resonance, inviting us to contemplate the profound interconnectedness between humanity and the natural world.
Since the primal times, humanity has been engaged in a ceaseless quest to decode and understand nature's intricate elements. Driven by a rational intent to research, dominate, and control, this journey has been akin to a relentless battle of conscious absorptions, seeking to grasp the essence of our planet and the natural world. However, parallel to this conscious endeavor lies the realm of unconscious interpretations, where the human mind, with its complexities and depths, interprets nature in ways that often transcend rationality.
In contemporary times, our relationship with nature has undergone further transformation. The awareness of environmental issues, the fragility of ecosystems, and the interdependence of all life on Earth have brought about a growing sense of ecological consciousness. This duo exhibition is a humble effort to showcase expressions and visual poetry arising from understanding the several layers of nature and their reflection in the layers of ourselves - the Layers of Earth.
Layers of Earth: Textured Visions
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