past event — exhibition
date and location
Sep 10th — Oct 23rd, 2021
Opening Reception 6pm - 9pm

Sage Culture Gallery
725 E Washington Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90021
past event — exhibition
Sage Culture is pleased to present Ephemera, a solo exhibition by Australian/American photographer Brooke Holm.
Ephemera marks the end of the three-act exhibition program entitled EQUILIBRIUM PROJECT, which aimed to address the relationship between humans and nature and some of the issues and challenges faced on a journey towards planetary stability.
After the first act, entitled "Landscapes of Gaia," where the planet Earth was introduced in its purest form, and "Climatopia," which portrayed an era of destruction and an unbalanced relationship with the Earth, "Ephemera" presents a reflection about whether human's presence on Earth will still be possible in the future.
Considering the powerful destructive forces present in human interactions with the planet Earth, will humankind be able to adapt and survive?

By exploring the unique and vital wetland landscapes in Namibia, Africa, Brooke Holm captures the fragility of life and the subtle moment where life and death coexist in a delicate and well-balanced ecosystem.

The photographer's choice of an aerial perspective creates a shift in viewpoint, stimulating a completely new cognitive experience. This less human-centric view can lead to a change, enabling humankind to move from their current disconnected presence to an integrated, harmonious, and balanced one with nature.
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Brooke Holm
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