Stan Van Steendam
Brussels / Lisbon — Belgium / Portugal
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the work
The work of Belgian artist Stan Van Steendam blurs the line between painting and sculpture. Having received his master’s degree in Visual Arts in Ghent, Belgium, he is now based between Brussels and Lisbon. Aiming to deconstruct the materiality of painting, Van Steendam has developed a process that consists of extensively layering raw pigments and plaster in combination with elements like dirt and dust.

To be close to his materials and control their traces and movements, the artist works primarily with his bare hands. The result is the emphasis on the physical presence of the object, where the viewer can interact, absorbing its texture and tactility from all sides.
According to Anniversary Magazine, Van Steendam’s work “challenges our ideas of tradition and modernity. His work reflects a sense of intimacy that exists between the artist and his craft, his materials, and the emotions and sensations captured within his meditative creations—sculptural objects, and large-scale, monochromatic explorations in painting.”

Van Steendam is inspired by the places where he works, and being in Lisbon has influenced his practice significantly. While in Portugal, he had the opportunity of visiting a remote island at The Azores: Pico. This life-changing experience has had a significant impact on Van Steendam’s creations, as he got in touch with elements of raw nature, like the light, the sky, the dark lakes, volcanic rocks, and dark green vegetation. His series entitled Lagoas (Lakes) is a result of this encounter, as well as the use of green and dark colors in his work.

Stan Van Steendam

Born 1985
Based in Brussels / Lisbon — Belgium / Portugal
Selected Exhibitions, Fairs and Residencies
Palazzo Monti
2019 - Residency - Brescia, Italy
SOFA Expo Chicago, represented by Sage Culture (Los Angeles)
2019 - Art Fair - Chicago, United States
Collectible, art & design fair
2019 - Brussels
Poeira, Magazyn
2019 - Solo Exhibition - Antwerp, Belgium
Lagoas, Archiraar
2019 - Solo Exhibition - Brussels, Belgium
Summer Group Show including works from Private collections, Sunday-S Gallery,
2019 - Group Exhibition - Copenhagen, Denmark
Enter Art Fair, represented by Galleri Jacob Bjorn (Copenhagen)
2019 - Art Fair - Copenhagen, Denmark
I've never built anything on new land, Barbé Urbain
2018 - Solo Exhibition - Ghent, Belgium
New works, Asphodel
2018 - Solo Exhibition - New York, United States
2017 - Residency - Torino, Italy
Aspetti di superficie, group show with Sonia Costantini, Marco Mendeni & Stan Van Steendam, Theca Gallery
2017 - Group Exhibition - Milan, Italy
(in)cohérences, Abstract Project, Paris (FR)
2016 - Group Exhibition - Paris, France
Mitch Iburg
Saint Paul — USA
the work
the work
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