Leonardo Vandal
Copenhagen — Denmark
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the work
Leonardo Christian Anker Amadeus Vandal was born in 1988 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Vandal is a multidisciplinary artist, known to work across different mediums, often integrating performance and texts into his installations.
Leonardo started his career as a costume designer, creating costumes for the Royal Danish Ballet at the age of 19. These skills can be perceived in his work, in the use of fabric and stitched canvases.

After studying tailoring and philosophy, he was compelled to use art as a therapeutic practice to investigate the depths of his unconscious through highly personal work. The imagery of his work provokes an emotional and psychological effect on the viewer, making direct reference to aspects of his past.

Through the use of abstract forms, natural materials, and often unusual media, chosen for their symbolic potency, Vandal deals with notions of universal balance and contrasts between opposing forces.

Vandal has exhibited his work in countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Italy, where he had the opportunity in 2017 to present a performance at the Biennalle di Venezia.

Leonardo's work has been featured at Wallpaper Magazine, Rum International, Another, and Anniversary Magazine.
Leonardo Vandal

1988 — Now
Selected Exhibitions and Art Fairs
Sofa Expo Chicago - presented by Sage Culture Gallery
2019 - Art Fair - Chicago, United States
Art Aspen, presented by Sage Culture Gallery, Aspen, us
2019 - Art Fair - Aspen, United States
The wind amongst the reeds, with Tableau
2019 - Solo Exhibition - Copenhagen, Denmark
De Profundis - Variation I, with Sage Culture Gallery
2019 - Solo Exhibitionlos angeles, us.
Performance, Coyote - lo stato dell'arte, 57th Biennale di Venezia.
2017 - Palazzo Zenobio. Venice, Italy
Negative Capability, at Palazzo Monti,
2017 - Solo Exhibition - Brescia. Italy
The Narcissist, with Gallery Etage Project,
2014 - Solo Exhibition - Copenhagen, Denmark
Ark jornal / Dansk Industri at Kunsthal Charlottenborg
2019 - Group Exhibition - Copenhagen. Denmark
Palazzo Palazzo at Palazzo Monti,
2019 - Group Exhibition - Brescia, Italy
Negative Capability, at Palazzo Monti
2017 - Solo Exhibition - Brescia, Italy
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the work
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